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Interested, persistent, dedicated. Love free software tools and OS, to make things work and to create new things. Always available to share and learn.

Alexandre Martins


Electronics & Telecomunications Tech. Engineer

UAlg Universidade do Algarve
ISE Instituto Superior de Engenharia

Bachelor's Degree


Professional - practical for consumers and productive for business

Adaptable to customers' whishes and requests, keeping in mind what is achievable and feasable.

Good background in OOP programming (C++, C#, Java).

More than 5 years of experience building Android applications for several purposes.

Good skills programming Microchip PIC® microcontrollers - 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® MCU

Passionate for Linux - Ubuntu, Yocto

Web development knowledge - Node.JS, Yii, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, XML...

Database knowledge: MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB

Development Boards: Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, NanoPi

IDEs Integrated Development Environment
EDAs Electronics Design Automation
Web Development Tools

Work History

Below I describe some work I've done. The list is not exhaustive, as some are propietary solutions, thus I am not allowed to post them here.

The list tries to show my skills in several areas of action in electronics and telecommunications egineering.

  • An android application interfacing <a href='https://www.jamroom.net/' target='_blank'>Jamroom</a> using <a href='' target='_blank'>Proxima</a> to allow users of <a href='http://wowmusic.fm/' target='_blank'>WOWMUSIC.FM</a> have the best experience in android devices.
  • Android digital signage player using scheduled playlist <small>(The image does not correspond to real solution due to client's confiditiality agreement)</small>
  • 'ThEME (The Elements of Management Effectiveness) is an innovative, interactive tool for accessing the wisdom and practical experience of great management thinkers and practitioners - both the gurus of the past as well as today's pathfinders.'
  • The Android application interfaces the PIC<sup>®</sup> 24 family device over Bluetooth through RN-42 module from . The application reads and writes values from and into microcontroller. Parts provided to client were the full Android application and PIC<sup>®</sup> 24 firmware to custom board.
  • Firmware development to check hardware status against short circuits, communication interface lines (SPI, I<sup>2</sup>C, UART) and board modules correct operation.
  • A hardware with GSM/GPRS module to mesure the gardage level on Molok containers, sending periodically measurements, over GSM/GPRS, in order to help organize routes of the rubbish collection fleet. Work done was development of shcematics, PCB and firmware to measure level and send the data to server.

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